Lazzaretto, Dario

Dario Lazzaretto

Dario Lazzaretto, born in Padova 1975, is working on soundart and installations, which he has exhibited nationally and internationally.

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Work title
Falling in love
object; 2007
mixed media (music made with keyboard and pc music, installated on cd player in a wood box with some litle mechanism)

Dario Lazzaretto - title: Falling in Love, 2007 click the thumbnail to enlarge the image

A Little machine to give the sensation of “first look” quick falling love in his rapid emotional evolution – as I felt and actually feeling it – and of course translated in sound. Simply puttin on the headphones and pressing the heart-shaped wooden button you can hear the sound. IT WILL BE, AS THE SAMPLE HERE, AT FIRST PLEASANT AND SOFT AND, AT THE END, IT STOPS SUDDENTLY WITH A REALLY ANNOYING PEEK.

NOTE: please listen to it with stereo headphones. Do not listen with stero at full power – it can damage the woofer – and do not mind if the sound in the end seema to be louder than necessary and “scratch” a little. It is intentional.

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