Kahlen, Timo


Timo Kahlen

Timo Kahlen (*1966), living and working in Berlin, has been working with sound, light, wind and other experimental media for over 20 years.

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Work title
„Eins“ (No. 2)
object, 2005
an irritating fur sculpture from a series of softly vibrating sound sculptures
26 x 43 x 41 cm . Artificial fur, feathers, loudspeakers, sound; original Audio CD

Timo Kahlen - Eins, 2005 Timo Kahlen - Eins, 2005

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The sound sculpture „Eins“ (No.2) by Timo Kahlen is a subtle psychological trap – inviting the viewer to touch and stroke the softly purring object. A simple shape, nearly ovular, made of soft, grey and white fur, an abstract sculpture sitting on a white pedestal – yet full of subtle vibration and sound. Touching this apparently simple sculptural work, the viewer unconciously begins to associate it with human characteristics, lets it take on a personality characterised by a particular behavior, invests it with emotions – and inevitably gets trapped by this irritating sound sculpture „situated inbetween simulated liveliness and the cold precision of a machine“ (Philip Ursprung, Basel).

Timo Kahlen, installation and sound artist (*1966) nominated for the German national „Sound Art Prize 2006“, lives and works in Berlin. Timo Kahlen has received a number of scholarships and has exhibited his work – mainly throughout Europe – in more than 70 solo and group shows. His experimental work has been nominated for the German national „Sound Art Prize 2006“ (Deutscher Klangkunst-Preis), for the „Kahnweiler-Prize for Sculpture“ in 2001, and for the „Prize for Young European Photographers“ in 1989. Kahlen has been working with and lecturing on sound, light, wind and other experimental media for more than twenty years.

Variations of the sound sculpture „Eins“, 2005, were presented in the exhibition „Timo Kahlen: Media Dirt“ at the Ruine der Kuenste Berlin (2005), at „Sound Art 2007“ (Duisburg, 2007) and at 10.2! Arte Gallery (Milano Art Fair, 2007)