Morris, Jeff

Jeff Morris

Jeff Morris is an Assistant Lecturer in computer music and coordinator of technology facilities for the Department of Performance Studies at Texas A & M University. He has studied at the Florida State University and the University of North Texas, where he served on the staff of the Center for Experimental Music and Intermedia.

Detailed bio

Work title
object, 2007
Two pieces, 60cm x 60cm x 10cm, plus a neck strap on each piece.

Jeff Morris- title: Chalkboards, 2007 Jeff Morris- title: Chalkboards, 2007
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Short description
Two wooden boards, each painted with chalkboard paint (to work like chalkboards), with piezoelectric sensors fed through a digital delay with high delay time and feedback, then through a small amplifier and speaker, with a strap so the board may be worn around the neck,
carried in hand, or hung on a wall or coat rack. Sounds made by drawing on the chalk board are prolonged in time through the digital delay, extrapolating the graphic gestures into sonic textures that build and evolve slowly over time. It is also easy to build up drum-like beat patterns with them and let the drawing become the multisensory/synaesthetic “solo” over the beat. For exhibition, they would be great hung on the wall, on a mannqeuin, or propped up on a
table, either for people to reach out and draw, or to wear and play.
They’re “wireless” and portable.