Needham, Jay

Jay Needham
is an US artist, and composer whose works are often concerned with the politics of borders and acts of listening.

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Work title:
Tell us your Secrets
sound installation, 2006
Hyper-sonic emitter and wireless microphone

Jay Needham  - soundobject title: Tell us your secrets, 2006 Jay Needham  - soundobject title: Tell us your secrets, 2006 Jay Needham  - soundobject title: Tell us your secrets, 2006

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Tell Us Your Secrets
technical guide and installation notes

The installation Tell Us Your Secrets is intended to have a very minimal visual impact as the focus is on sound and the human voice as it integrates into existing architectural spaces. preference would be to place a wireless microphone on a commercially available stand at a location in and around gallery or installation area. The microphone would be dedicated to it’s own hyper-sonic emitter, being mounted on a wall or hung discretely away from high traffic areas. Next to the microphone will be a placard describing the piece and inviting the
participant to become involved in the work by speaking into the microphone. The exact location of the microphone would have to be determined on-site as there will need to be good signal strength from the mic to the emitter.
The emitters are powered using AC 110 and would need power converters in order to operate in Europe. The weight is around 3 lbs. and are durable and are 1 foot square x 4 in. deep. The emitter can be wall mounted with commercially available brackets, or hung from grids with additional c-clamps. The wireless mic runs on AA battery power. The wireless mic could be wire-tied to the stands for security. At the end of each Day, the emitters would need to be switched off and then the following morning switched on again. Additionally, new sets of AA batteries would need to be replaced in the transmitters and receivers of the wireless microphones.